We successfully cooperate with internationally renowned companies such as CSM, BASF, ELIT CHOCOLATE, ALTINMARKA, CINAR, and ERKAP others.

«LTD SERA» works successfully on the market for a long time and ensures quality service and rapid growth every year.


Among the company’s customers:

There are international brands such as Nikora, Marshe, Dunkin Donuts, Carrefour, Goodwill, Foodmart, Marriott Holiday Inn, De Gousto, Asorti, Le Getau, Magneti, and others.

We focus on supplying our customers the best service, lowest prices and constant new products every day.

The company has 500m2 of storage area. Temperature controlled and dry storage in Tbilisi area, where it is distributed to our customers daily.

Our experienced staff ensure that customers can order within 24 hours after the order. Customer-oriented service is the key to our company’s success.

SERA LLC was established in Georgia in 2008 by Georgian and Turkish and Belgian partners and currently operates in the market as a Georgian Legal Entity with ID # 405 096 060. The company mainly imports goods from Europe for the Georgian market.

Our local partner chains include: Hypermarkets: Carrefour, Goodwill; Supermarkets: Smart, Fresko, Spar; Hotel: Sheraton, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Marriott. … And the most popular local cafes, bars and restaurants.


The mission of our company expresses our purpose and determines the standards and values that serve as guiding principles in our activities. We define our goals and action plans in line with our mission. Our mission spans several directions:


  1. Get a certain market gap and increase the number of loyal consumers;
  2. To provide our consumers with products of higher quality than our competitors and to offer them at relevant prices;
  3. Increase product variety and production volume continuously;
  4. Attract leading world brands and offer their products only to the Georgian market;
  5. Reaching the regions and the consumers by moving our activities out of the capital.


  • Our business activities must be carried out in accordance with the principles of justice and legislation;
  • We must be reliable partners for our customers and suppliers;
  • We must constantly focus on superior quality.


Corporate social responsibility is an important part of our business model.

Our SCR for consumers is reflected in several ways:

The products we provide are of first class quality, do not contain genetically modified microorganisms and are not harmful to human health;

  • We offer our consumers a wide variety of biological products;
  • Considering that production costs less for low-income consumers, we organize discount events for certain products at regular intervals. Our company also cares about the well-being of employees and offers them competitive wages, fixed working hours, bonuses, a friendly working environment and various social benefits.